Innocent Mini-Movie Competition Launch – the article!

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Ads, Michael's Films, Random nonsense

Excellent article about our Innocent smoothie ad-making adventures,  from our team’s resident journo (and temporary Mexican) Vernon Ward!
A brief quote;

‘After [Ben Wheatley] showing everyone a thorough glimpse into the magic of movie making for a couple of hours, after lunch it was our turn to get behind the cameras. We were split into teams with a given theme to focus our advert and taken off into separate meeting rooms. Each team was also accompanied by a member of the Innocent crew in order to chair the brainstorming and storyboard sessions.

Once the clock was ticking, the ideas started flowing with our team’s theme being a car chase. Luckily our team contained a reluctant actor, Michael Chandler (a documentary maker) who was chosen for the main role mainly due to the fact he was bald.
You see, our surreal storyboard would result in the human character getting soaked in smoothie and we needed wipe-clean talent. Our talented cameraman Paul Wade shot like a pro and director Sebastian J. Cowen handled the ideas and my ill-drawn storyboard with laughs and time-pressured professionalism.’

To see our advert entry (shot in an hour with no editing) click here:  click on Gallery, and it’s the Car Chase.’

I’ve never been called a ‘wipe-clean talent’ before, but hey… first time for everything!


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