‘Transient’ film project now supported by Shelter

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Charity stuff, Michael's Films, Up-and-coming productions, Wilderness Films

We’re excited to confirm that Shelter, the housing charity, has put their support behind our new ‘Transient’ feature drama project.

‘Transient’ is a feature film drama, written by Michael Chandler and based on true life experiences. The film follows two very different lives as their existences intertwine, but both having to deal with the same life changing situation – being homeless in London. David is a high-flying public sector civil servant, enjoying life – but when he is suddenly made redundant and can’t find another job, everything changes. David’s story is a familiar and very relevant story tracking what could happen to anyone who faces redundancy, and highlights how easily in these harsh times any of us could go from happy and secure to in debt, out of a relationship and with no where left to turn but the streets.
In contrast, in east London, Aaron, a young boy on the edge of his teens, lives a transient life with his family trying to find a place to stay, as their mum awaits asylum status – living a life without money, unsupported by local housing departments, living an unstable life. Aaron’s story highlights the issues thousands of homeless children and young people still face and the impact on their futures, particularly in east London.
These two lives intertwine at pivotal moments throughout the film, as we see the harsh reality of people living homeless in today’s London.

Shelter have said the project is ‘something Shelter would be happy to support… we hope you make it a huge success!’

With the script now complete, Wilderness Pictures are seeking to secure funding. Watch this space – and to support the project, do get in touch!


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