The WAYout Anthem is HERE!!

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Ads, Charity stuff, Music and DJing

The WAYout Anthem is HERE!!

Winner best music video in the Sierra Leone Film Festival. WAYout Anthem written by Josta Hopps with Sinbob, Brian and Shargwan. Recorded at Big Change Studios by Tehteh Cathouse and directed by Brian McAndrew.
WAYout commissioned this track but had no editorial input. They said what they wanted to say. Brian McAndrew spent four months in Sierra Leone volunteering for WAYout, working with musicians and making music clips. He shared his knowledge with many local artists including Josta Hopps who lived on the street before joining iEARN where he took part in several WAYout courses, growing as a musician and director.

Shargwan is leader of the Black Street Family, a street gang in central Freetown. WAYout works with several of the Black Street Family’s younger members in Street to Street, and gave Shargwan a video diary camera.

WAYout works with street youth and disadvantaged young people, we offer digital media training and support through the arts

For more of the recent videos, check our Youtube channel.


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