Posted: February 16, 2012 in Charity stuff, Michael's Films

Two films directed by Michael Chandler, and written by and starring Sierra Leonean talent, are to be screened at the first ever ‘Opin Yu Yi’, the Sierra Leone Human Rights Film Festival 2012.

‘Trouser Trouble’ and ‘Bite What You Can Chew’ were shot in Sierra Leone for charity Marie Stopes International and supported by WAYout.

‘Visual storytelling, through film, has significant power to convey messages, promote public engagement and policy change.

As Sierra Leone continues to rebuild and reconcile following years of extensive human rights violations, this first Human Rights Film Festival intends to play a role in growing knowledge and commitment to human rights principles amongst all Sierra Leoneans, particularly young people.

We hope to empower and inspire individuals to support and defend human rights principles by opening their eyes. [The name of the festival means “Open Your Eyes” in Krio]’

Check the full programme here.



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