Posted: January 26, 2013 in Music - the Soundtrack to Life

This mini-blog is about and dedicated to certain albums that have accompanied us on some of life’s journeys. These can be physical, emotional, creative – any kind of journey. But these albums are those that became the soundtrack to those journeys, and remain permanently associated with those times – for good or for bad.

The blog arose after speaking to several friends about the importance of music in their lives – how certain albums represented specific times – and no matter how long after the time its self, you hear that album and those memories, feelings and ideas flood back. In my case, certain albums also went on to sow seeds, inspire and become the actual soundtrack for films I’ve gone on to develop- so I’d also like to hear about any albums that have done that for you too.

Hence the title and the premise: music is the soundtrack to life. Its not a new premise or idea – but its something that I’m really intrigued by. BUT- importantly- this isn’t just a list of favourite albums. I could go on for ages on that, and I’m sure you could. It’s about those albums that came to represent certain times or ideas more than others – the soundtracks to ‘key scenes’ of life. And it may therefore include albums that are not ‘favourites’ but stuck with you and represented that time (my first post is an example of exactly that!)

Music is emotive, and can capture and amplify the emotions you feel at a certain time. It also inspires – as a strictly sonic experience, music allows the mind to wonder, conjuring up new stories and alternate worlds.

Over the next few months I’ll be allowing myself a little self-indulgence and highlighting my ‘top ten journey albums’. It’s not in any order – not chronological, nor any kind of preference. It may also technically be more (or less) than ten. And it may not technically be an ‘album’ – as I’ve included some mixes here too. But you get the picture.

And please do chip in and let us about any albums that represent a certain time, journey or idea in your life, and ideally why – or that you feel are soundtrack-y in nature (i.e. could accompany an amazing film!) – via posting in the comments boxes.


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